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“I am an Escape Culture Enthusiast with an Escape Room Blog. I design logic puzzles and rooms as an owner/operator of a #1 Escape Room on TripAdvisor in a different city/state. I have a critical eye, particular mindset, and great depth of expectations and experience to judge an Escape room’s production value. This one comes out winning my respect in every way.”

- -BigFizzle

“One of the newer escape rooms in Vegas, this place is awesome! …Immersive from the moment you walk in. having done over 150 escape rooms, this one is great! Creepy vibe, but not heart pounding scary. We were able to get out, puzzles are fun, some tech. Great staff. We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the other rooms. Would highly recommend!!!”

- -Chelsea D.

“Me and my girlfriend have done 25 rooms and this room is our favorite! You are completely immersed from the get go! The love and passion they have for this is clearly shown tremendously! Can’t wait for part 2!!”

- -Kanahele M.