What is an escape room?

An escape room is a live action themed puzzle game! You and your friends will be locked inside a room and will have to scavenge for clues, solve a series of puzzles and complete a task or find your key to an exit in order to ‘escape the room’.


Why choose Lost Games?



High-tech Custom Design for Groups:

Large rooms and plentiful puzzles. All of our sets and props are hand made and designed to promote teamwork and resourcefulness. Everything you touch and interact with will feel like you’re a part of a different world. Our movie quality sets combined with the latest technologies will have the “wow” factor that you’ve been missing.

Private Fully Immersive Experience:

Our games are private for only your group. We won’t throw any random strangers with you. From the minute you walk in, you will be transported into our world. We include a piece of interactive theatre to get you into the storyline before the games. No cheesy videos here.

Intricate and Unique Puzzles:

Tired of keys unlocking locks only to get more keys? Us too. We strive to have a wide variety of original high quality creatively unique puzzles that you won’t see in other escape rooms. Each puzzle will be there to make you think and interact.

Lasting Impressions:

We’re family owned and love what we do. We want every guest to feel our passion and have an amazing experience here. You’re going to have so much fun, you’ll be talking about it long after you’re gone. Check us out, we’re only a short ride from the Strip!

What is the back to back experience?



The back to back experience is when you play both of our rooms together non-stop! That’s right a 2-hour escape room experience. We have the opportunity to present you with both experiences without breaking up the story in between and you and your team will get 2 full hours to escape both adventures.

Why would we do this?? The benefits to choosing this option is that the story will come to life and make a lot more sense as you see our interactive introduction. A second benefit is that you have a full 2 hours to explore both experiences. You can choose to spend as much or as little time in the first experience before moving on to the second with however much time you have left on the 2 hour clock (if you escape the first experience in 45 mins, then you will have 1 hour 15 mins for the remainder of the back-to-back)!

How do we get this?? All you have to do is book The Dr’s Secret first immediately followed by Playtime and let your Game master know when you arrive that you would prefer the back-to-back and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.  Please note: this 2-hour experience isn’t 100% guaranteed.



How does this work?





1.Gather your team (a group of 2-8 friends). 

2.Choose one of our awesome games here.

3.Find your desired date & time; book online or over the phone (reservations must be made in order to play). 

4.Arrive at Lost Games 10 minutes early.. We’ll give you a quick rundown on the rules & story.

5.Then you all will be left alone and launched into your hour long adventure!


Will we really be locked in a room?


No, our doors will not be locked. You are free to exist at any time.



Is this scary? Are there live actors in the room?


IMMERSIVE, YES. SCARY, NO. THIS IS NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE. We are an asylum themed escape room, so it will be a little spooky here but we will not be trying to scare you. Our intention is to provide a fully immersive experience that focuses on fun puzzle games and not jump scares. We have actors in an interactive skit as part of your introduction, but there will not be any actors inside the rooms with you.

What do we need to bring?

You need to bring your thinking caps! And reading glasses if you need them. Everything else will be prohibited in the room: cell phones, flashlights, lock picks, or any tools are not invited in the room with you—we will have storage lockers for small to medium sized purses or bags for your convenience.

What if we are intoxicated?

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If everyone arrives intoxicated, we will ask you to leave with no refunds or reimbursements. It is very important to us that nothing gets broken and nobody gets hurt; intoxicated people will most likely risk those two concerns so therefore there are no exceptions for this. We will charge a $500 fee for each broken prop or game piece or anything you throw up on.

Disclaimer: playing our game intoxicated is NOT fun; we are not a haunted house and therefore will not jump scare you to excite you.You will be solving a series of puzzles to get your thrill and it will be exceptionally challenging to enjoy these puzzles if you are intoxicated. Trust us; you will want your fully functioning brain for this experience!


Will there be with strangers with us?

No; it will be just you and whoever you choose to bring. Private games only!

Is this kid friendly? What is the cost and age requirements?

Kids will be charged the same as adults. We recommend the kids to be 10 and over for the sake of understanding the puzzles and the spook factor, but we allow kids of all ages to play as long as there is an adult (18+older) with them during the game and to sign their waivers.

  • “Chapter 1: The Doctor’s Secret” is not very scary at all, there is dim lighting but nothing inappropriate for kids.
  • “Chapter 2: Playtime” is a creepier game with some elements of horror such as pools of blood, a skeleton body, hanging dolls/talking doll, and the lights will go off at one point; so we do not recommend this for anyone under 13.
Can we play if one is handicapped/pregnant/not very mobile?

That is completely up to you. In both games that we have, there will be a transition between rooms that isn’t a full door size opening (it is about half the door size). It’ll require a bending type of physical movement, but not necessarily crawling on hands and knees.

  • “Chapter 1: The Doctor’s Secret” is probably the better option since there is only one small obstacle and we have a way to walk the guest around to the second room if they do not want to bend under the opening.
  • “Chapter 2: Playtime” might not be as good an option; one person will have to start the game in a small confined area, there is no option to walk the guest around to the second room, and our players will be exiting through a ‘secret tunnel’ to escape (therefore a somewhat small area).
Can we play with just 1 person?

We require a 2 player minimum for the games. The games can be quite challenging so we recommend having a larger group.


Can we walk in?

Please give us a call and see what is available. We have specific time slots set up that we have to follow so we are by appointment only and generally do not take walk-ins unless there is open availability.

Can we pay separately? Can we pay cash?


Yes to both! Please give us a call at (702) 551-3075 to set up your reservation. In either case there will  be a $65 non refundable deposit required, in order to hold your reservation in case of no show or last minute cancellation. If the booking is canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours prior to your booking time we will refund your deposit. Otherwise your deposit will be applied to your ticket price and you can pay the difference upon arrival for your booking.


What are the cancellation/rescheduling/late policies?




  •  Cancellation: All bookings are final and non-refundable. Cancellations, no-shows, and late arrivals will not be reimbursed.
  • Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule your reservation date and/or time, you have to do so ONE DAY PRIOR to your activity date. Changes that are made on the same day of your reservation will be subject to a $50 fee and are not guaranteed.
  • Late Policy: If you or any group member will be late, please notify us. We give a 10 minute grace period from your reservation time, after that, we may have to cut into your game time.



Are there any promotions right now?


If we do, it will be posted on our homepage or on social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us! If you don’t see anything, you can always give us a call at (702) 551-3075 to check!


Is this immersive theater or escape room?

One of our company’s goals is to provide a fully immersive experience. We want to blend the immersive theater world with the escape room world. We don’t even like the term escape room as a way to describe our model. Something more akin to “Adventure Room”. The idea is we want to tell you a story, a story where you get to interact with interesting characters inside of an exciting new world. One where you have to figure out how to progress the story in order to find out how it ends.