About Us

About Us

The Experience

Lost Games is a fully immersive live escape room company. We transformed our 3,000 sq ft facility into an insane asylum to bring you a fully interactive puzzle room experience from the minute you step inside. Our focus is on your experience. We pride ourselves with having movie quality set design and handmade realistic props that you won’t see in many escape rooms. From our mesmerizing rooms to our creepy hallways, we welcome you to check in and experience escape rooms like you’ve never experienced them before.

Before your game, we ask that you place any extra belongings you have in one of our lockers for safe keeping. We will go over the rules and answer any questions you may have. Then the fun begins. We will lead you through an interactive introduction which will get you into the storyline. Once inside your escape room the door will lock behind you. You’ll have 60 minutes to find the clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape. Your game is complete either when you finish the last puzzle and escape, or when the 60 minutes is over.

Escape room players unlocking box with lantern

The Story

You’ve just been admitted to Solitude Heights. Finding yourself in a 1930’s asylum, you think it’s a great start for your future recovery. However, through each room you discover the secrets hidden from the public and the patients here. What’s the doctor hiding? What are the orderlies doing? Where are the missing patients? Can you escape an isolated cell? Read more about the asylum and our rooms

The Rules

The summary of the rules are very simple: don’t break anything, don’t hurt yourself or anyone else and have a good time! We do require every guest upon arrival to sign our waiver with the full list of rules. For more information about your experience and our rules, please see our FAQ Page.

The Original Creators

A group of three friends created this escape room because they wanted to share the thrill and excitement that they’ve always found while playing these escape games. From these experiences, they’ve always had a lot of fun and found something new to talk about each and every time. An escape room experience has so much to offer– it is an hour of working your brain, forging bonds with your friends and submerging yourself in a different world. This was created purely for your entertainment; we want everyone to have a memorable time!

In 2016, Lost Games was born! Being in a city known for entertainment, escape rooms are a great addition to Las Vegas. It is a different form of entertainment for everyone to enjoy– great for friends, dates, co-workers, families and so on. So whether you’re a local or just visiting, we welcome you to book your Lost Games experience today!