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Welcome to Solitude Heights


Be the hero and get lost in our live-action-themed puzzle game! You and your friends will be locked inside a room and have to scavenge for clues, solve a series of puzzles and complete a task or find a secret exit to ‘escape the room.’ It’ll be challenging, fun, and immersive. We recommend that kids under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult age 18 and up. 

We only offer private rooms and don’t set you up with strangers. We have dedicated game masters for all our games, and our game masters are well trained to ensure that you have a smooth and immersive escape experience. We can adjust the difficulty level of all our games to fit the taste of beginners to the most advanced players

Our games are an excellent fit for team building for corporate and sports teams and even teen and adult birthday parties. We can accommodate up to 42 people at our venue, making us a great choice for large group events. Gift vouchers are also available. 


  • Movie-inspired & immersive set designs put you in the middle of the action.
  • A private, interactive, and amazing escape game experience. No strangers
  • High-tech puzzles promote teamwork and resourcefulness.
  • Larger rooms and plentiful puzzles so everyone is involved.
  • Family-owned, we love what we do: Providing a fantastic experience!
  • Special lighting, environment, and background music sound effects will blow your mind!

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Lost Games Escape Rooms
3075 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 551-3075

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*Excluding special events. Recommended minimum age to participate is 12 years old. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret

2-8 Participants

The Story

Dr. Robert Kieling had Solitude Heights Asylum built-in 1931 to treat the criminally insane. But there seems to be more to Solitude Heights than just a facility to help those in need. Whispers of mysterious deaths and unexplained phenomena are abounding.  Do you have what it takes to survive, or will you be another lost patient forever locked away in one of the rooms at Solitude Heights?

** Private Room Experience **
(Children minimum age 10 – 14 are welcome with adult supervision)

Family Friendly
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The Asylum: Playtime

2-8 Participants

The Story

You saved yourself in The Doctor’s Secret, but you’re not out of the asylum yet. As you make your way down the hall, you hear the orderlies making their rounds. You quickly dash into the old recreational room. You’ve heard whispers of a secret way out of this place… Can you solve the puzzles escape? Or will you be found and lobotomized, losing all sense of self? Move fast… the storm is coming…

** Private Room Experience **


Recommended for Older Teens and Adults
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The Fortune Teller

2 - 8 Participants

Curiosity leads you to pay a visit to a local fortune teller. As the tarot cards reveal their message — to your dismay — the news is not good. You discover that your fate is connected to an impending disaster. Don’t worry, though, and you have a chance to change your destiny! Will you face the challenge and rectify your future?

** There will be an actor in the room, but they will be physically separated from your group. **
** Private Room Experience **
** Guests are required to climb a flight of stairs to gain access to the experience **
(Children minimum age 10 – 14 are welcome with adult supervision)

Family Friendly
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The Floor Is Lava

7 - 22 Participants

The Floor is Lava is a hidden roles game for large groups between 7 and 22 players at once. Players are dealt roles and secretly assigned to one of two teams. Players must work together, lie, and cross-examine each other to figure out who is and is not on their team, with players attempting to eliminate each other by making them step in the Lava.

At the end of the game, the team that controls the most islands wins. Simple. Right? Let’s play a game.

** Private Room Experience **
** This is not an escape room! It is an immersive social deduction game **
(Children minimum age 10 – 14 are welcome with adult supervision)

Family Friendly
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Reviews & Photos

What People Are Saying

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I can’t recommend this room enough and do the back to back experience if possible. If you do one room in Vegas, do this one. It’s not just an escape room. It’s great art, theater, tech, and experience.”

- - John H., Los Angeles, CA

“If I could give SIX stars, I would!

My family of four (me + husband and two teenagers) just finished both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and LOVED them both! These were our 49th and 50th rooms, and we put them both at, or near, the top of our all-time favorites.”

- - Jennifer C., San Marino, CA

“From beginning to end an overall exceptional experience. Our team of three have done 100+ Escape Rooms and these two rooms are at the top our list.”

- - Mario S., San Fransisco, CA




Lost Games is a concept developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We focus on the three main elements that make our games unique — set design, puzzles, and story. Bring your team of room escape addicts, and we will be sure to astound you! Are you ready to escape reality in las vegas?


Any time spent with loved ones is a good time. Here at Lost Games Escape Rooms Vegas, the experience will be unlike any other: 60 minutes of cell phone-less bonding time with your nearest and dearest. All you have is your wits and your family & friends to help you beat the clock! Can you guys escape in time?


What can your co-workers bring to the table? Take them to Lost Games, and you will see! This experience will show you who can be a leader, who works well under pressure, and who understands how to communicate honestly. Learn more about your team and what it takes to build a strong one. This is great for team-building workshops or corporate outings and events.


Are you celebrating a special event? Bring the whole gang to our amazing escape room! We are happy to book out special time slots for your entire group to experience all our escape rooms for yourselves. Your party will love having a place where they can hang out, play interactive games together, and talk about their excellent escape room visit afterward. Everyone’s invited!

Our Story

In 2016, Lost Games Escape Room was born!

In a city known for entertainment, escape games are a great addition to Las Vegas NV. It is a different form of entertainment for everyone to enjoy– great for friends, dates, co-workers, families, and more. So whether you’re a local or just visiting, we welcome you to book your Lost Games experience today!

Lost Games is rated one of the best escape games in Las Vegas, especially for large groups with our 42 players venue capacity. We have won many awards, including Best Room by ESCAPESPY for the Asylum Chapter 2 and the Bullseye Award in 2019 from ESCAPETHEROOMers. We were a nominee for Enthusiast's Choice Awards in 2019 for Top Escape Rooms Project. We also have over 480 reviews on Google with a 4.9-star average.

Our escape games are designed to suit beginners and enthusiasts alike, and interested in buying one of our gift cards or gift vouchers for a birthday party or bachelor party? Great! Reach out to our team to find out more about our escape rooms pricing and ask any questions to our staff. We also have frequently asked questions answered here. We are also doing our best to follow the social distancing rules. Luckily, we offer only private rooms for only you and your guests!

Make Lost Games Escape Rooms Las Vegas your next stop for a fun-filled adventure! Our vegas escape experience has so much to offer– it is an hour of working your brain, forging bonds with your friends, and submerging yourself in a different world. We created this purely for your entertainment; we want everyone to have a memorable time! We are conveniently located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip on S Valley View Blvd. We are located only a few minutes from Town Square, McCarran International Airport, and the Vegas Strip! Check out a map here.